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Map DialogFlow Intent To Component

In the following tutorial we'll add a component into Dialogflow.

The component will be triggered when a relevant intent matches. More specifically, we'll use the register component from the Hub.

Here's what the end result looks like:


  • Choose one or more relevant components using CoCoHub's Bot Studio editor.
  • Create a new agent on CoCoHub's Dialogflow Service.
  • Import CoCo intent from dedicated ZIP (Available on agent tag from the step above).
  • Enable webhook in the Fulfillment section and set the url to be the endpoint from the steps above.
  • Enable webhook call on the target intent.

Get a component.

Create Dialogflow Agent On CoCoHub's Dialogflow Service

  • Press the "Add An Agent" button.
  • Press the "Add Intent/Component Pair" to map the intent name to the component ID.

Import ZIP CoCo Intent To Your Agent

  • Download the intent ZIP file from the dialogflow service.
  • Go to Agent settings.
  • Go to "Export And Import".
  • Press Import and choose the downloaded ZIP file.

Enable webhook in the Fulfillment Section

  • Go to the Fulfillment section.
  • Press on enable webhook.
  • Set the url to be the endpoint from the dialogflow CoCoHub's service.

Enable webhook call On The Target Intent.

  • Go to the target intent.
  • Scroll to the bottom and press the enable webhook call.