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Use a conversational component in ManyChat

At the following tutorial we'll create a flow for ManyChat that will implement Get Name component in it.

Link to the final flow: namer_flow

Create New Flow

  • Choose Flows at the menu.

  • Press On create flow at the right top corner.

Create Action With External Request

Create HTTP Request Action

  • Create Action:

  • Choose HTTP Request Action:

Configure Action [ CoCo Component ID ] / [ User ID ]

  • Choose Component from CoCoHub.
  • User ManyChat variable user_id.

Request Body

Use ManyChat Last Text Input variable

{"user_input": [ Last Text Input ]}
Parse Response

Parse component response, extract the following variables:

  • component_done - Boolean - True/False depends on if component complete it's goal.
  • component_response - Text - Bot response.

Send Component Response And Wait For User Replay.

  • Create new node called Send Message.

  • Choose user input feature at the node:

  • Place component response variable as a bot message:

Set Condition

Set condition to check if the component done with it's purpose. If not redirect back to the HTTP request action.

  • Create Condition:

  • Set condition for component_done variable is false:

Publish & Test

  • Publish:

  • Test: