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Alexa skill from scratch


  • Choose one or more relevant components, using Cocohub's Bot Studio editor.
  • Create a new Alexa Skill on CoCoHub's Alexa Skill Service.
  • Configure your Alexa Skill.

Get A Component

As an example we'll create an Alexa Word Game Skill:

  • Go to CoCoHub, sign Up and click Bot Studio on the left sidebar.
  • Create a new component from the "Word Games" Template.

Create Alexa Skill On Alexa Skill Service

  • Press "Channels" on the app-bar.
  • Choose "Alexa".
  • Fill in the following fields:
    • Polly Voice ID: The voice which the skill will use. Here are the available voices: Available Voices.
    • End Statement: Skill response when users wishes to end the skill.
    • Help Statement: Skill response will be returned on AMAZON. Help intent.
    • Reprompt Statement: Will be skill's response when user did not response.
    • Skill Invocation Name: The phrase which will invoke the skill. e.g. Alexa, open Jeopardy

Configure Your Alexa Skill (At the Alexa Developer Console)

  • Place the generated endpoint url at the endpoint section.
  • Upload the Skill JSON Editor.(Intents -> JSON Editor)