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How to publish a bot to Zoom

In the past year, one video communication platform Zoom-ed into our lives. You can create a bot and connect it to Zoom, easily. Here’s how.

  1. Build your chatbot
  2. Click on Channels, on the left side of the builder
  3. Click on “Zoom”
  4. Here, in the “Zoom Channel Configuration” you choose a few things

    1. Type in a bot name

    2. Select email address for your bot. (It can be it’s name, your company’s name or anything else you’ll remember)

    3. Select an avatar

    4. Select a scene. This will be your bots background

    5. Select the language of the bot and voice. You can test the voices, to make sure you choose the perfect one

    6. Choose a wake phrase (at least one). This is what you’ll say out loud, to start the conversation with your bot. Pay super close attention: This phrase should be simple and not punctuated. Good example: Wake up/ Get up ; Bad example: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

    7. Choose a sleep phrase (same here. At least one). This is what you’ll say to end the conversation with the bot. Same rules apply here, so keep it short and sweet, with NO punctuation

  5. Click “Save”

  6. Now, you have 2 options: \
  7. Click on “Invite bot now”. This will take you to an email, where you’ll need to paste your Zoom call invite (So - open Zoom, create invite and paste in the email). You can invite your bot to a scheduled call, or an active call, going on right now. \ Or

    2. Click on “Copy bot’s email”. Then, go to your Zoom call, click “Invite” and send the invite to your bot. No need to write anything in, or write an elaborate subject line. You can if you want, no judgment here!
  8. Admit your bot into the call

  9. Say the wake phrase, and start the conversation!