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How to analyze you logs

When calling some call centers, they’ll tell you in advance - we’re recording the conversations, and review them in order to improve our services. You need to do the same with the conversations customers (or anyone) are having with your bot. See where people dropped off the conversation, where most users get stuck - and make your bot better, using the log info.

  1. Click on “Logs” on the side nav
  2. Choose the bot you want to analyze, either by scrolling down the options on the left side, or by typing the bot’s name in the “Filer components” search bar
  3. Click on any session to read and analyze the conversation

    We value your and your users’ privacy. The log will state “User” without any name or information about the user, and your logs are only available to you, the bot creator/owner

Pro tip: We highly recommend using the info to make your bot better. How? Remove obstacles in the conversation that make the users drop off, rephrase questions you notice your users answers differently than expected and add relevant topics (like pandemic opening hours).