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What is CoCo?

Conversational Components make chatbot building easier by deconstructing conversations into components.

All components hold context over multiple turns of conversation to better engage your users, with logic wired into the conversational flow. All you have to do is incorporate them into your bots.

It’s time to make the development of conversational A.I. a collaborative process. When you build on reusable and customizable parts, you create better chatbots to make conversation easy. You’ll be able to stack a conversation with pre-built dialogue blocks. Each of these blocks maintains user context throughout the conversation. They’re also reusable and customizable, saving you precious time by eliminating the need to create a dialogue management system from scratch for every new bot you build. And the best part? CoCos are simple to implement into any bot framework!

For Chatbot Developers

It's really easy to use Conversational Components in your chatbots. With CoCo, you can call components through a simple unified, REST format that is easy to embed in your chatbot. Moreover, you can view all of the components you are using in your user profile, which monitors the number of API requests, latency, and error rates, among other metrics.

For more on using components, check out the Basics - Your First Component Call section or our CoCos for Developers page.

For Component Vendors

If you’ve already built excellent components of your own, we make it simple for you to distribute and monetize it. Adding your component to CoCo's Marketplace offers you several benefits. You’ll get instant exposure to our growing user base, a search-engine-optimized profile page for your component, as well as features like user management and billing services. For more on adding your component, visit our Adding & Managing components - Getting Started section or check out our Components Providers page.